GOP Leader Finally Admits Republicans Practiced The “Southern Strategy”

We know it is true. I’ve seen many Republican deny it. Finally GOP Chairman Michael Steele has admitted it. Steele admits that the Republicans have practiced the Southern Strategy–appealing to racial bias in order to win elections.

“We have lost sight of the historic, integral link between the party and African-Americans,” Steele said. “This party was co-founded by blacks, among them Frederick Douglass. The Republican Party had a hand in forming the NAACP, and yet we have mistreated that relationship. People don’t walk away from parties. Their parties walk away from them.

“For the last 40-plus years we had a ‘Southern Strategy’ that alienated many minority voters by focusing on the white male vote in the South. Well, guess what happened in 1992, folks, ‘Bubba’ went back home to the Democratic Party and voted for Bill Clinton.”

And now the Republicans see a black man in the White House, and are sure taking advantage of this to motivate their base.

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