Temporary Blog Problems

I tried some changes in the blog settings today. Some have worked but one totally screwed up the blog. For a few hours the front page of the blog was accessible, but links to old posts and the RSS feed did not work.

If you have a WordPress blog, stay away from the Hotlink Protection feature in cPanel X. I’ve found that many others have had similar problems.  If you wound up here because of running into this problem, I found out that this command changes the .htaccess files, and that turning it off does not correct the changes causing404 errors. It took a while but I found a real easy fix. Go to the Dashboard and choose Permalinks in the Settings section. You don’t have to make any actual changes but click “Save Changes.” This should force WordPress to regenerate corrected .htaccess files.

I believe everything is working now but I have stuck with some other changes, so let me know if anything doesn’t seem to work right. If you report a problem, let me know whether you were signed in to the blog, as the cache settings work very differently depending upon whether you are signed in.

Sarah Palin’s Fake Interview Show

While Sarah Palin could not handle public office, I did think she could handle an interview show for Fox after hearing that the interviews were to be centered around “uplifting tales” as opposed to a format which would require Palin to ask meaningful questions about public policy. It turns out that even this might be too much for Sarah Palin. So far there are reports that at least two out of the three planned interviews are faked.

LL Cool J complained on twitter that  viewers were being deceived as the show used a clip from 2008 rather than a real interview. Then it was revealed that they are also using footage from 2009 to fake an interview with Toby Keith.

This show about interviews which Sarah Palin did not conduct is appropriately scheduled to air this evening on April Fool’s Day.