House Passes Procedural Vote While Fox Is More Interested In Protests

As Congress has passed a procedural vote by a margin of 224 to 206, which also shows they have the votes for final passage. Meanwhile we are seeing protests both outside and inside of Congress:

Today the conservative activists are back. And so is the ugliness–only this time, a few Republicans were actually encouraging them.

That’s an incendiary charge, I know. But let me describe what just transpired here inside the House of Representatives:

Moments ago, while members were on the floor for a vote, a protester stood up in the visitor’s gallery and began shouting “Kill the bill! Kill the bill! Kill the bill!” Clerks quickly removed him. But as they were doing so, a number of Republicans–at least half a dozen, from what I could see from a few feet away–were cheering the man.

On Fox the big story of the day is that people are protesting against health care reform as opposed to the actual vote or any serious discussion of what is in the bill. Did they cover the Iraq war by covering the anti-war protesters?

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    Leslie Parsley says:

    The size of that crowd yesterday has junped from 600 to 2,000 to 20,000 to 30,000. according to Fox.

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