ABC and Amanpour Reportedly Close to Deal for “This Week”

There have been rumors that Christiane Amanpour would take over as host of ABC’s “This Week” for several days. The last report I say quoted Amanpour as saying it was 50-50 whether she would take the job. Media Decoder believes they are close to making a deal:

ABC News is close to concluding a deal to install the longtime CNN foreign correspondent Christiane Amanpour as the new host of its Sunday political discussion show “This Week.”

The network’s interest in Ms. Amanpour — and her favorable response to the approach — has been widely speculated about for weeks. Now the negotiations are close enough to completion that an announcement may be made as early as Thursday, though an ABC News executive cautioned that nothing was final and a number of points in the deal had yet to be resolved.

Having Amanpour as host would also shift the show more towards international affairs as opposed to domestic politics.

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  1. 1
    NatetheGrate says:

    Christiane Amanpour is much too self-conscious to be a decent anchor — she thinks every story she does is about her! It’s easy to see how that happens to newspeople, but there’s no excuse. There must be somebody else — somewhere — who can do a credible job.

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    charles snouffer says:

    ABC and Amanpour Reportedly Close to Deal for “This Week” Liberal Values Amanpour will put "This Week" in the crapper

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