Tomorrow’s Right Wing Attack Regarding Health Care

Tyler Cowen, writing in The New York Times, warns that no matter whether the current health care reform legislation is passed we will be seeing more of managed care.

There is no doubt this is true. The financial realities are there regardless of whether or not health care reform is passed. As Cowen concludes, most Americans are in denial of the fact that “our government — or, for that matter, our insurance companies — can’t pay every bill.”

This does have an important ramification for the future spin war. Republicans are already falsely claiming that health care reform will lead to rationing and even “death panels.” They are attacking the proposed cuts to Medicare even though the proposed cuts would primarily reduce the profits of insurance companies which sell Medicare Advantage plans and will not significantly affect patients .

However, while the proposed health care reform bill does not ration care or meaningfully cut Medicare, the economic reality is that we are going to see more rationing and cuts to Medicare in the future. Democrats, who are already losing the spin war, need to be careful if health care reform is passed. It is inevitable that conservatives will blame future changes in health care which have nothing to do with the current legislation on “Obamacare.”

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  1. 1
    Ron Chusid says:

    Tomorrow's Right Wing Attack Regarding Health Care are predictable as inevitable problems will be blamed on #Obama #p2

  2. 2
    Serious Implications says:

    Pass health care reform and the Democrats will own everything people don’t like about it. Don’t pass health reform and the Republicans own it. It’s a game of chicken and I bet Republicans are more worried that it won’t pass. A week ago I thought it would pass. Now I don’t.

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