Bunning Backs Down on One Man Filibuster

Senator Jim Bunning is backing down. A deal was reached after Harry Reid threatened to make Bunning actually remain on the Senate floor all night and physically filibuster.

As much as I dislike what Bunning has done, you have to give the guy some credit. I don’t recall a time when one man has managed to screw so many diverse groups at once including the unemployed, transportation workers, people trying to buy homes, doctors, the elderly and disabled on Medicare, and people in the military on Tricare. I imagine that anyone who has this many people angry at him and is being criticized so frequently in the media as bound to eventually accept a compromise.

I wish they could also do this with health care reform legislation. While the most likely scenario is to have the House pass the flawed Senate bill and then make some fixes with reconciliation, it would be preferable (although unlikely) if any filibusters could be stopped and an improved Senate bill based more upon the bill previously passed by the House could be passed by a majority vote in the Senate.

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    Donna says:

    RT @ronchusid: Bunning Backs Down on One Man Filibuster. What about #hcr filibuster? http://bit.ly/bxZsph #p2

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    TheYoungLib says:

    Tomorrow will be interesting, if anything

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