Birchers Infiltrate Conservative Movement

As the conservative movement becomes increasingly dominated by extremists, some conservatives are questioning the return of the John Birch Society. Scott at Power Line recaps how William F. Buckley, Jr. and other conservative leaders expelled the Birchers from the conservative movement in the 1960’s. He then questioned their inclusion as a sponsor of CPAC:

ABC’s Jonathan Karl reports that this year’s CPAC event was co-sponsored, unbelievably to me, by the John Birch Society. Karl quotes some of Buckley’s characteristically vibrant denunciations of the JBS. “Two years after Buckley’s death,” Karl observes, “the John Birch Society is no longer banished; it is listed as one of about 100 co-sponsors of the 2010 CPAC.”

Karl reasonably asks: “Why is the Birch Society a co-sponsor?”

“They’re a conservative organization,” according to Lisa Depasquale, the CPAC Director for the American Conservative Union, which runs CPAC. “Beyond that,” she told Karl, “I have no comment.”

Additional comment is required, and if Depasquale will not provide it, I will. This is a disgrace.

Unfortunately the influence of the Birchers isn’t limited to CPAC. Glenn Beck has been spreading Bircher conspiracy theories, also extending the Bircher influence to his sheep in the Tea Party movement. Ron Paul has also been connected to Birchers and has even spoken before the John Birch Society.Even Sarah Palin has been photographed with a Bircher publication sitting prominently on her desk:

Glenn Beck, Ron Paul, and Sarah Palin–Conservatives have far more to be concerned about than the Birchers being sponsors of CPAC. They appear to be influencing a large segment of the conservative movement.


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