Big Bang Theory Meets Gilmore Girls

Readers of this blog have undoubtedly picked up on the fact that two television shows I like are Big Bang Theory and Gilmore Girls. An old post on the possibility of a Gilmore Girls movie has by far the longest running thread of comments which has continued into this year.

One concern I’ve had is whether the old sets are available. It just would not work to have a Gilmore Girls reunion without Stars Hollow. Remember how disappointing it was to have the Cheers reunion without the old bar? It turns out not only does the Stars Hollow set still exist (picture above) but that there is a connection between this and Bill Prady, executive producer of Big Bang Theory.

Bill Prady has a tweet saying,  “The walk from my office to the stage is through the Warner back lot (Star’s Hollow)”  He linked to the picture above. That would be a great walk to take on the way to work everyday, and even better if Lorelei and Rory would walk by with their rapid-paced dialogue.

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    Ron Chusid says:

    Big Bang Theory Meets Gilmore Girls. BBT producer @billprady gets to walk thru old Stars Hollow set on way to work.

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