The Top Ten Things Written on Sarah Palin’s Hand

With everyone talking about Sarah Palin’s crib notes on her hand, I would like to present The Top Ten Things Written on Sarah Palin’s Hand (after passing them through a spell checker). I know this is a lot of stuff to fit on a hand, but Palin has practice at this. After all, this is how she passed her tests in college.

10. Will cut taxes & reduce deficit at same time after elected

9. 12345 (My secret password for all internet sites)

8. Foreign Policy Experience–Can See Russia from Alaska

7. Obama is a Socialist (Note to self: look up what “socialist” means)

6. Uphold the Constitution (Note to self: must read the Constitution some day)

5. Ask for divine intervention from God when have questions about what government should do

4. Stay away from explaining about dinosaurs and people–audience often laughs at me when I talk about this unless all Republicans

3. Explain how it is cold outside, proving global warming is a hoax

2. Make sure not to use any Purell on hand before speech

1. If not listed here, just say whatever a Maverick would say

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  1. 1
    Mill Messenger says:

    #liberal The Top Ten Things Written on Sarah Palin’s Hand

  2. 2
    chickgonebad says:

    The Top Ten Things Written on Sarah Palin’s Hand

  3. 3
    Brett Robinson says:

    Top Ten Things Written on Sarah #Palin's Hand: #p2 #topprog #ak #alaska #gop #tcot #teaparty

  4. 4
    DEO says:

    On par with Letterman! VERY good!
    For 100 grand Palin should memorize:
    2. Lift America’s Spirits
    3. Todd, take out the garbage
    WHO CROSSES OUT STUFF ON THEIR HAND???? Palin is dumb as a brick.

  5. 5
    libhomo says:

    11. Be sure to wink.

  6. 6
    maryyooch says:

    I am NOT a Palin supporter. But I think she crossed out the word budget so that, in her mind, it would remind her of ‘slashing the budget’. Of course, she hasn’t any policy proposals. Just talking points so jumbled they don’t even make sense.
    $$arah is a sick puppy.

  7. 7
    George Allwell says:

    The Top Ten Things Written on Sarah Palin's Hand –

  8. 8
    Jerry Wilson says:

    In is a tragic and unfortunate circumstance when comments such as those above are made.  Palin has the grace and dignity to not enter into a battle of wits with those persons.  She simply will not fight with unarmed people. 

  9. 9
    Hank says:

    I am confused.  Is moderation censorship?  Where are my comments anywhere as insulting and dis-respectful of civil speech that the ones I have read in reply?
    So what would be the top ten things on a liberal’s hand? 1. Promise to increase taxes to pay for more government employees 2. Promise to support teaches unions no matter how bad the system works 3. tell others what to do because you know what is best for them 4. Write a rule for everything and forget common sense 5. People who choose not to work deserve better housing and benefits that people who work 6. see no evil but conservatives 7. Chavez is a good guy 8.  People should be free to do what we say 9. Celebrate diversity unless its part of someones belief in God 10. Life should be risk free and support an attorney’s right to sue and prosper

  10. 10
    Ron Chusid says:


    Do you even listen to what Palin says? Her speeches bring politics into the gutter while she avoids saying anything of substance, and shows absolutely no understanding of current issues. She tries to enter a battle of wits but even a rock is better armed than her.

  11. 11
    maryyooch says:

    Jerry, I think you like word salad a little too much. Too bad it doesn’t make a bit of sense.

  12. 12
    Ron Chusid says:


    No, moderation is not censorship. Do you have any concept of private property? Blogs, like newspapers, are the property of their owner and we have full say in what letters and comments are posted. That is in no way analogous to government censorship? Both liberal and conservative blogs routinely moderate comments. Moderation also means there will be a delay until comments are reviewed, not whether the comment will be posted at all.

    Your top ten list, like virtually all attacks on liberals, is based upon the ways in which liberal views are distorted by right wing pundits who are afraid to respond to actual liberal beliefs. Some faults in them:

    1) Obama has lowered taxes, not increased them since taking office. Bush only wanted to give a tax cut to the ultra-wealthy. It is the Democrats who forced the addition of a middle class tax cut.

    2) The goal is to improve education. Obama’s education policies have even been receiving praise from many conservatives (at least those with integrity as opposed to those who attack anything regardless of merit). That said, it is true that some Democrats are overly influenced by the teachers’ unions just as many Republicans are in the pocket of undesirable groups such as the insurance industry.

    3) That is what the religious right does, and that is why liberals are so opposed to the authoritarian right.

    4) It is conservatives who base their policies on ideology, ignoring both common sense and the facts while liberals base policies on both common sense and facts.

    5) Not something believed by liberals

    6) Also a false claim

    7) Another false claim. I’ve been critical of both Chavez and Bush–seeing both as a threat to both civil liberties and the free market system.

    8 ) No, again that’s the conservative view. Here’s a simple explanation of the differences: Liberals believe in increasing personal freedom. Conservatives use government to impose their views upon others. Support for individual liberty and reality-based policies (as opposed to ideological and religious-based views) are the fundamental ways in which liberals differ from conservatives.

    9) Again false. Many liberals believe in god and some do not. Regardless it is liberals who support freedom of religion while it is conservatives who use the power of government to impose their religious views upon others.

    10) Again not a view held by liberals. Liberals do not believe life should be risk free. Some Democrats have been overly protective of the trial lawyers, but again this is a problem with politics that each party has its supporters which they look out for. Obama has stated a willingness to include tort reform in his health care plan. There is some support for tort reform in the Senate bill and far more would have been done if Republicans had been willing to work with Democrats as opposed to deciding they would vote against anything proposed.

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