Republicans Fine With Cutting Taxes And Increasing Deficit

There’s a reason why the last time the budget was balanced was under a Democratic president and not a Republican. There’s also reason why the Republicans oppose measures such as a pay as you go policy and a commission to study deficit reduction. As should be pretty clear, Republicans have no real interest in ending the budget deficit. Their sole concern is paying less in taxes, as is demonstrated in this Rasmussen poll:

Fifty percent (50%) of conservatives are comfortable with a budget deficit if taxes are cut versus 63% of liberals who favor a balanced budget with higher taxes. But then 50% of conservative voters also think the federal budget can be balanced without a tax increase. Sixty-one percent (61%) of liberals say that’s impossible.

The partisan differences on the questions are notable. While 50% of Republicans would rather see a budget deficit with tax cuts, a plurality (46%) of Democrats favor the opposite approach – a balanced budget with higher taxes. Voters not affiliated with either party are evenly divided on the question.

Similarly, almost half (47%) of GOP voters think it’s possible to balance the budget without raising taxes, but 53% of Democrats don’t. Unaffiliateds are more closely divided but tend to agree with Democratic voters.

It is somewhat understandable. Nobody likes to pay taxes and everyone would prefer to see their taxes go down. However there are grown ups who realize that we cannot cut taxes without increasing the deficit, causing future problems, and their are those living in the conservative fantasy world where reality can be ignored whenever it conflicts with their wishes.


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    Mill Messenger says:

    #liberal Republicans Fine With Cutting Taxes And Increasing Deficit

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    Captin Sarcastic says:

    I had this debate recently with a conservative friend. He said that Republicans spend less than Democrats, so I showed him the budget numbers for every Democrat and Republican in modern history. He amended his assertion to say that Republicans tax less. I agreed, but asked him, since Republicans actually spend MORE, and tax LESS, who is really leaving a legacy of debt for out children.

    He said something about socialism and birth certificates and walked away.

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    Ron Chusid says:

    “He said something about socialism and birth certificates and walked away.”

    Love that line. Sums up the conservative mind set well as they avoid reality.

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