The Imaginary Obama Back Door Tax On The Middle Class

In case you are wondering why the link to the current top story on Memeorandum is not working, it is because Reuters took it down for being incorrect.

I think it was a simple misunderstanding. A Reuters reporter saw the description of taxes but missed the part where they only apply those making over $250,000 per year. The error was pointed out and they retracted the story.

Pretty simple, but I’ve already seen people on the right as well as some die hard Clintonistas also alleging there was something shady about the story being pulled. For Obama-haters a story that Obama is hitting the middle class with “back door” tax increases is too compelling to give up on, even if not true.

Unfortunately Drudge and the usual right wing suspects have been making a lot of  noise about the imaginary back door tax increases on the middle class all day. My bet is that they will continue to talk about this, even though it is untrue. On the other hand, they will ignore the fact that Obama’s stimulus plan  proposed the largest tax cut for the middle class ever. Even The Wall Street Journal described Obama’s proposed tax cuts as being larger than George W. Bush’s cuts. The health care reform which they oppose would save them even more money.

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    Captin Sarcastic says:

    Limbaugh announced that Obama is censoring the news and doesn’t want the truth printed so he had the article withdrawn. Glen Beck said that Obama withdrew the 2011 budget because it included $799B a YEAR in Cap and Trade revenue. Notwhithstandiing that this kinda sorta happened last year, but it was $686B over ten years.

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