Who is Ellie Light?

Yesterday I posted a letter being sent to several newspapers by someone signing their name “Ellie Light.” My guess is that she was an Obama supporter who was sending the same letter around to multiple newspapers. Conservatives thinks there is a plot in the White House to plant a letter written there. The Cleveland Plain Dealer has been trying to unravel this.

Initially it appeared they had the answer as they spoke with a nurse claiming to be the Ellie Light who wrote the letters.  Then things got more complicated:

A woman in Texas named Barbara Brooks – who knows a lot about this whole scam, whose information turns up in some of the above-mentioned records, now says the person with the husky voice is actually a male acquaintance.

He sent letters to newspapers using the name “Ellie Light” – one of the pseudonyms he has used over several years – and now, is using Brooks’ name, she said.

“He’s making up all kinds of garbage,” said Brooks.

Asked why he would claim her identity, Brooks said he apparently is afraid of being harmed by “right-wing crazies” in California as the real story emerges.

“He just doesn’t want anybody to trace him because he’s afraid of the right-wing crazies up in Bakersfield,” Brooks said. “It’s not right for him to lie,” she added, but he’s afraid.

This conversation with Brooks was followed by yet another call with the husky-voiced individual, who was adamant that “she” really is Barbara Brooks.

Gawker says this may be “Ellie Light” aka Winston Stewart:

The actual identity of Ellie Light remains uncertain. There remains on evidence of the conspiracy theory popular in the right wing blogs that this all originates at the White House. I imagine they won’t be satisfied until they see Ellie Light’s birth certificate.

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