Responding To The Cry Babies Who Forgot The Past

George Bush entered office with a surplus and after eight years ran up a massive deficit, the size of which was hidden by fighting two wars largely off the books. Barack Obama entered office with a wrecked economy as well as the deficit run up by George Bush. Now the right wing noise machine blames Obama for both the state of the economy and the deficit, with some people having such a short memory that they believe this.

Andrew Sullivan posted an email from such a person and responded:

If this is the basis for revolt, what can one say?

If Obama and Bush had refused to bail out the banks, does this small business owner believe she’d be in business at all? Is she demanding – in a conservative outlet – that the federal government bail out all small businesses in trouble? Or what? Who “threw” her small business under which bus? And then the usual reckless spending schtick – when basic economics will tell you that drastically tightening your belt in a recession that might have been as bad as the 1930s would not exactly have helped small business.

What you have here is big babyism. After the worst downturn in memory, bequeathed a massive and growing debt, two failing wars, a financial sector threatening to bring down the entire economy, Obama has betrayed this person by preventing a Second Great Depression.

We will hear more of these non-sequiturs; the 24-hour news cycle prevents any memory past the last six months; the easy, lazy meme of Obama-the-lefty will be pressed home by FNC/RNC and the MSM will grab onto it because it’s a narrative they can understand and that helps insulate them from charges of bias. That none of this has any direct relationship with economic and political reality is barely relevant.

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    Mike Hatcher b.t.r.m. says:

    Of course we are cry babys that’s why we need a nanny state to run everything. If we weren’t we wouldn’t need the genius Obama to run the banks, auto manufacturing, insurance, and health industry. But since we are ignorant,forgetful babies, we need Uncle “Big Daddy” Sam to run our lives for us.  Should any other simpletons like myself read your post they could probably use a refresher on the difference between national debt and an annual deficit.  Bush inherited a national debt when he took over despite Clinton not having run a deficit for some years before Bush. Bush ran a deficit, spending more than what the government brought in, thus the debt that Obama started with was even greater than the debt Bush started with.  Obama has been running a deficit of his own, even if Obama’s deficit saves the economy and the polar bears at the same time, it still is his deficit, it isn’t Bush’s deficit.

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    Ron Chusid says:

    Except that Obama has no desire to run the banks, auto manufacturing, insurance, and health industry. Just empty right wing talking points.

    Obama is running a deficit too, but the bulk of it was inherited from Bush. It will always be Bush’s deficit. At least Obama’s contribution to the deficit is probably what prevented us from going into a depression.

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    Babies Fest says:

    » Responding To The Cry Babies Who Forgot The Past Liberal Values

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    Mike says:

    Remember, the fiscal year 2009 budget was handed to Obama by Bush. FY 2010 is Obamas first budget.

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