The Meaning of Massachusetts

It seems that everyone has an immediate opinion as to what the Massachusetts Senate results mean. Everyone is interpreting the Massachusetts results as a wake up call but different people are taking different lessons from it. Is anyone advocating anything different today in response to the results than they were before the loss?

Many on the left are saying this means that Obama should move further to the left. Peter Daou says the lesson is that the Obama administration should pay more attention to bloggers. Moderate Democrats such as Evan Bayh say the lesson is that the party should be more moderate. Conservative politicians and pundits argue this shows the Democrats are too far to the left. In other words, everyone seems to be saying the lesson of the election is exactly what they have been saying all along.

While there is obviously no one answer, I think the problem comes down more to being able to put out a coherent message and find a way to get voters to vote based upon the actual facts, not what is being said on Fox and right wing talk radio. Neither the moderates nor the more liberal Democrats stand a chance when people think that a centrist administration such as Obama’s borders on Marxism.

Beyond this we need more time to analyze the results to really say whether a more liberal or moderate message would win. So far analysis of polls do show that lack of enthusiasm among progressive voters did hurt Coakley.  Health care was a factor, but partially because some voters didn’t think that the health care legislation goes far enough. Obama says that voter anger and frustration were factors.

All is not lost even if Republicans now have a 41-59 “working majority” in the Senate. Democrats still hold the House and White House. What happens in November will depend largely upon what they do with it (and how the economy does as most voters have too short a memory to remember who wrecked the economy).

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