Most Americans Do Not Want Sarah Palin To Run

There’s some hope for this country. A majority of Americans, even Republicans, do not want Sarah Palin to run for president. CBS News reports:

A new CBS News poll finds that a large majority of Americans say they do not want former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to run for president.

Specifically, 71 percent say they do not want the former Republican vice presidential nominee to run for president, while 21 percent say they do want her to run.

When the results are split out by party, 56 percent of Republicans say they do not want her to seek the office and 30 percent do. Meanwhile, 88 percent of Democrats do not want her to run. Among independents, 65 percent do not want her to run and 25 percent do.

The poll also finds that more people view Palin negatively than positively and that her book tour did not improve overall views of her. However, she is a little better-known now than she was last fall, and both favorable and unfavorable ratings of her have increased slightly.

If conservatives had any sense they would appreciate a poll which doesn’t taint them by associating them with Palin. Hot Air tries to blow it for them by questioning the accuracy of the results. If the poll can be believed, it shows that conservatives are the only group with a favorable view of Palin, but still do not want her to run:

Conservatives are the only ideological group that holds net positive views of her — just under half do, while a quarter are unfavorable and a quarter of conservatives are undecided.

But while favorable toward her, most conservatives say they do not want to see Palin run in 2012 – 58 percent of conservatives say she should not run.

Most Americans do not know much about the Tea Party movement:

Sixty-nine percent of Americans are either undecided about the movement or haven’t heard enough so far to have an opinion about it. Among those who have heard of it, 18 percent have a favorable opinion of it and 12 percent have an unfavorable opinion.

Fair enough. Americans don’t know much about the tea baggers, and we’ve already seen that the tea baggers don’t know much about American, or anything else.

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