Poll Shows Many Americans Are To Left Of Obama On Health Care Reform

There has been a lot of talk lately about polls showing decreased approval for health care reform, such as in the latest CBS News poll. Obama’s approval on health care fell to 36 percent but, as Greg Sargent points out, the internals on covering Americans, controlling costs, and regulating insurance companies all show that more disapprove because the health care reform measures don’t go far enough than disapprove because they go too far.

Other polls which have broken down reasons for opposing health care have also shown that much of the dissatisfaction comes from people who believe the measures do not go far enough.

Republicans are excited about Obama’s 36 percent approval on health care  but the internals also show that Obama polls better than Congressional Democrats, and Congressional Republicans fall even lower:

President Obama — 36% approve and 54% disapprove

Congressional Democrats — 29% approve and 57% disapprove

Congressional Republicans — 24% approve and 61% disapprove

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    Jessie says:

    I think considering the flack coming at this administration from the left and the right, that the President is doing a great job in keeping the country togehter. Our young people now have some hope of coming out of school with a profession and not a big debt they wll have the rest of their lives. This bodes well for the economy and the future of our economic growth. Obama is the smartest president in the white house in my life time, including Roosevelt. He  had his fireside chats over a two dimentional media with little ability for naysayers to take over the government . Today the press rule the day. Media actually exasserbates our problems for the financial gain it will make to keep us all upset. There should be a law that if you lie you are punished financially.

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