Foxy Sarah

Sarah Palin is going to  become a contributor to Fox. It is a good match for both, considering that neither cares much for accuracy or for the facts.

Now both Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee are working for Fox. For the good of the country I hope the two are paid very well–so well they never want to leave Fox and return to government.


  1. 1
    Casey Lowe says:

    What is it with Republicans and failing upward?  First G.W. Bush goes from running an unsuccessful oil company, to running an unsuccessful baseball team to running an unsuccessful Administration.
    Now Palin goes from being an unsuccessful VP candidate to quitting her job as Governor and she get’s rewarded with a book deal & TV show.  I thought they were the party of business?  No wonder the economy is in the tank…

  2. 2
    Annie Goldberg says:

    The odd thing about Sarah Palin is, these revelations about her stunning ignorance seem only to enhance her appeal to her base.  “She’s like us!”  Right:  dumb as a sack of hair, I believe the expression is.

  3. 3
    Leslie Parsley says:

    “Dumb as a sack of hair” I haven’t heard that one. Love it.

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