Joan Rivers, Security Threat and Other Risks of Flying

I’m sure glad I didn’t read this one until after my daughter’s flight from Costa Rica returned without incident last weekend. I had little fear that there would be another terrorist attempt so soon after the attempt on Christmas. I do think I was justified in fearing that the over-reaction could have caused problems with her return trip. While she had no problems returning, I’ve now found that Joan Rivers was in Costa Rica at the same time but was not allowed to board her flight:

The New York Daily News reports that comedian Joan Rivers was among the many travelers to get snared in the heightened-security frenzy that overtook airports after the December 25th failed terrorist attack. Rivers wasn’t allowed on her Newark-bound flight in Costa Rica this past weekend by a “jittery Continental Airlines gate agent” who thought the two names on her passport, which reads “Joan Rosenberg AKA Joan Rivers,” seemed “fishy.”

She did eventually make it home, while others traveling through Newark experience delays when the airport was locked down after someone went back through the airport exit and past security. Another flight out of Detroit was diverted due to a “suspicious” package which turned out to be a Christmas ornament.

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