The Big Picture

Andrew Sullivan looks at the big picture as he looks at Republican attempts to block health care reform:

My suspicion is that they will fail in the end to achieve this; and that this new landmark for liberalism will reorient American politics the way Reagan’s first year did – profoundly. I may be wrong and I will be accountable for this judgment. But the age demands government action. And Obama is doing as much of it as consensually and as civilly but as ruthlessly as he can.

Why so pragmatic and centrist? Because he wants it all to last.

Sullivan also shows the difference between rational conservatism and the current conservative movement. He realizes that there are now problems which require government action. In contrast, the conservative movement has been taken over by people who have a knee-jerk opposition to any government action unless it involves invading other countries, torture, or imposing the sick moral code of the religious right.

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    Shari says:

    I believe in people working to fulfill their life and giving them something to look forward to.  If people are handed things with no responsibilty they will take it and become stale.  I saw this when I was in Russia, 1993.  It was very sad.  Stayed in many places there and it was the same no matter where you went.   

  2. 2
    Ron Chusid says:


    You show the narrow mind set which has destroyed the conservative movement. It is misconception to equate government action with handing things to people, and especially to equate it to conditions in Russia.

    For example, sticking with health care the main goal is not to hand things to people but to restrain the power of the insurance companies. This is to allow working people to buy health care coverage which actually provides the coverage they are paying for without the current risks of being dropped when they get sick and having claims denied. Most cases of bankruptcy in this country are among working people who are screwed by their insurance companies.

    This is the type of fulfillment which conservatives give people to look forward to and liberals are working to correct.

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