Save The Tomatos–Stop Palin

There are many, many reasons why Sarah Palin should never become president and preferably should stop making idiotic public statements. While not top on the list, somewhere we need to add one more–saving the tomatoes.

Before Sarah Palin appeared in Salt Lake City, the local Cosco removed all tomatoes from the shelves. When someone asked a manager she found that, “It turns out that Palin had been pelted with a tomato at an earlier stop on her book tour and the management at the Costco was determined it wouldn’t happen here.” (The manager did have an employee go in the back and get the customer who asked some tomatoes for free.)

The more Sarah Palin is on the road, the greater the risk that we will not be able to make BLT’s and our salads will lack tomatos.

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  1. 1
    o says:

    so Palin hates animals and now she hates tomatos.
    She is evil.

  2. 2
    Ron Chusid says:

    It is not that she hates tomatoes, but that as long as she is out in public we risk stores taking them off the shelves, making them harder to obtain.

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