Sarah Palin Takes on William Shatner

In July Conan O’Brian had William Shatner present a dramatic reading of Sarah Palin’s resignation speech(video here). Conan had Shatner on again to present a dramatic reading of Going Rogue. Shatner was then surprised by Sarah Palin coming on to give her own reading of William Shatner’s autobiography (video above).

We see who Sarah Palin feels confident to confront here. She’s been afraid to give interviews to real journalists such as those on the Sunday morning interview shows after her first couple of major interviews were such flops. She has taken pot shots at Al Gore on her Facebook page and wrote an op-ed packed with falsehoods, but has been afraid to take up the challenge of actually debating him on the issues. A windbag like William Shatner–that she has the guts to do.

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    bmqmen says:

    "Sarah Palin Takes on William Shatner" and related posts: Liberal ValuesIn July Conan O'Brian had William Shatner p…

  2. 2
    Ock Andretti says:

    » Sarah Palin Takes on William Shatner Liberal Values

  3. 3
    Eclectic Radical says:

    ‘A windbag like William Shatner–that she has the guts to do.’
    Shatner is a windbag, certainly.
    He also has two qualities that would really help Palin.
    First, he can actually write. His audiobiography (which I have not read) aside, I rather enjoy some of his fiction.
    Second, and more importantly, he possesses the ability to absorb criticism and laugh at himself (even playing into his own ‘negative’ image for humor value) rather than go postal at the media.

  4. 4
    DEO says:

    I think Shatner has MORE EXPERIENCE….
    Sarah Palin/Fabio 2012!

  5. 5
    Ron Chusid says:

    Among other things, Shatner had make believe experience commanding a Star Ship and make believe experience as an attorney. That hardly qualifies him to run for office, but compared to Sarah Palin he does come out ahead.

  6. 6
    DrToketee says:

    Some of the posters – and Sarah herself – missed the main point of this exercise. This was a comedy piece; something to be laughed at and not to be taken seriously. Thus Sarah fits in extremely well.

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