Republicans Try To Explain Their Flip Flop As They Vote To Screw Doctors

The House passed this year’s annual fix to the flawed Medicare payment formula which would cut payment to physicians by 21 percent. The bill would also fix the formula so that we don’t have to keep going through this every year. The vote was primarily along party lines, with Republicans opposing the bill.

The Republicans probably do receive more votes from doctors than they deserve considering their poor track record on health care issues. This will hopefully serve as one more wake up call for my colleagues who still support the GOP. The Republicans did try unsuccessfully to explain their flip flop on this issue, as is explained by Suzy Khimm.

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    Eclectic Radical says:

    I think the subject of Medicare, right now, is what has me pissed at conservatives more than anything else. They continually try to paint the reform of Medicare Part D and Medicare Advantage as ‘Medicare cuts’ in order to drum up senior opposition to health care reform while refusing to deal with the real problems with Medicare and Medicare reimbursement unless they can somehow do so with a political payoff that spites the administration.
    This is the Republican Party that turned me, in the 1990s, from a John Anderson Republican into a commie. 🙂

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