Hannity Admits to Screw Up But No Sign Fox Will Abandon Practice of Using Doctored Videos

Yesterday I posted a video clip of Jon Stewart showing that Sean Hannity had used video from an earlier political rally to make it appear attendance at a more recent rally opposing health care reform was greater than it actually was. Last night Hannity admitted that he “screwed up” and claimed it was “an inadvertent mistake.” He also added, “It pains me to say: Jon Stewart was right.”  Media Decoder notes that “Mr. Hannity did not address specifically how the mistake came to be made.”

The observation by Media Decoder might be taken as skepticism that this was really inadvertent. Regardless of this specific episode, the use of altered audio and video has been a common tactic used by Fox and many others in the right wing to make their arguments when the facts are against them. It is especially common for right wingers to attack liberals and Democrats based upon altered statements as opposed to attempting to respond to their actual views.  I noted a recent example of Glenn Beck doing this a few weeks ago. Media Matters has accumulated a longer list of examples of Fox resorting to using doctored video.

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