Not Only Liberals Support Changes in Drug Laws

Following yesterday’s announcement of changes in policy with regards to marijuana, Kathleen Parker argues that changing the policy on medicinal use is not enough. She also notes the changes in the types of people supporting legalization, with this no longer being limited to liberals:

By ever-greater numbers, Americans support decriminalizing at least marijuana, which millions admit to having used, including a couple of presidents and a Supreme Court justice. A recent Gallup poll found that 44 percent of Americans favor legalization for any purpose, not just medical, up from 31 percent in 2000.

The highest level of support, not surprisingly, is in the Western states and among self-described liberals, with 78 percent of liberals favoring decriminalization. But the shift toward a more sensible national policy is no longer confined to the left. Nor is the long-haired stoner the face of the pro-pot lobby. Today’s activist, more likely, doesn’t have facial hair, but she does have kids.

Lately to the smallish conservative crowd, notably once led by anti-prohibitionist William F. Buckley, is Jessica Corry of Colorado, a married, pro-life Republican mom, soon to be “freedom fighter of the month” in High Times magazine.

Recent partakers undoubtedly will have to rub their eyes for a double take when they spot Corry, who spoke last month at a NORML conference (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) in San Francisco, wearing an American flag lapel pin, a triple strand of pearls and a gold marijuana leaf pin.

Another day, another stereotype in the dust bin.

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    Eclectic Radical says:

    It just goes to show what I’ve always said on my own blog.
    Conservatives can occasionally be right about things too, and it’s why we’d all be better served if we had a real conservative party and a real liberal party instead of a conservative party and a reactionary party.

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    Suzette Mendoza says:

    » Not Only Liberals Support Changes in Drug Laws Liberal Values

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    Suzette Mendoza says:

    » Not Only Liberals Support Changes in Drug Laws Liberal Values

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