Pigs Were Flying Friday Night As Bill Maher Interviewed Bill Frist

Has anyone checked the temperature in Hell today? Here’s something I didn’t expect to see happen. Bill Maher interviewed Bill Frist on Friday night’s show and I wound up agreeing with Frist and disagreeing with Maher. Of course this is because they discussed medical issues, where Maher is as off the wall as the conservatives he attacks over other matters. It also helped Frist that he has endorsed health care reform and that the interview didn’t get to matters such as his faulty diagnosis of Terri Schiavo based upon video tapes.

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    Eclectic Radical says:

    I think, at the end of that clip, Dr. Frist said something very profoundly important that more of his fellow Republicans and conservatives should take into account.
    ‘Not the best health care system, the best health care.’
    If the system cannot deliver that care to everyone who needs it, the system needs to be improved. Period. Regardless of how good the care itself is for those who get it.

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