Former Speech Writers on Obama’s Comments on Winning Nobel Peace Prize and the Republican Response

A pair of former speech writers have some comments on Barack Obama’s statement about receiving the Nobel Peace Prize and the Republican reaction. James Fallows was impressed by Obama’s statement, especially considering how little time he had after receiving the unexpected news. He analyzed the statement paragraph by paragraph, with this comment on the final paragraph:

This was the most important and shrewdest thing he said, because it is where he acknowledges an uncomfortable fact that everyone knows to be true. Of course the award can’t be in recognition of projects he has already achieved and completed, because there aren’t that many of them. In these third and fourth paragraphs, Obama acknowledges that point — but adds the news-analyst’s argument that often the Nobel committee awards these prizes as encouragements, signals, or what it hopes will be momentum-changers. If other people are going to say that, Obama does well to signal his understanding of the point himself. And from there he’s off to the rest of the (fairly brief) statement, enumerating the sorts of common challenges he has in mind.

Jerome Doolittle, who worked with Fallows as a speech writer for Jimmy Carter, posted a set of tips for the Republican talking points:

1. What do you expect from a bunch of socialists?

2. Not that I’m a racist, but I know affirmative action when I see it.

3. Carter, Gore, Obama? Do we see a pattern here?

4. A clumsy attempt by Europe to save a failing presidency.

5. The Norwegians are just using Obama to slap George W. Bush in the face.

6. Besides, who cares what a bunch of geeks in Oslo think? The International Olympic Committee speaks for the whole world.

7. No thinking person has taken the Nobel Peace Prize seriously since Reagan didn’t win one for ending the Cold War.

8. We elect a president to keep America safe, not to win prizes.

9. True leadership is not an international popularity contest.

10. Peace is no big deal anyway. No, wait a minute. Strike that last one.

He missed one potential Republican talking point: So what if we agree with the Taliban on this award. Stopping Obama’s agenda is a goal we both share.

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