January in Rome


January in Rome–January Jones that is.  She has always had that Grace Kelly look. Oprah’s magazine even took advantage of this for a photo spread on how to get the Grace Kelly look (example above).


This was even more apparent than usual in this week’s episode of Mad Men in which Don and Betty Draper went off to Rome. Who would have guessed that Betty Draper speaks Italian?


There was a notable contrast in the episode between Betty Draper traveling in Rome and her usual life as a housewife–but she still looks far more like Grace Kelly than Donna Reed even at home.


I think January Jones was fortunate to get the role of Betty Draper in the 1960’s. While there’s no question that she looks remarkable in real life as above, Hollywood has a tremendous number of  beautiful aspiring actresses. There is the possibility she might have been lost among them normally, but few, if any, could pull off the Grace Kelly look like she does.

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