Advertiser Pulls Ads From Glenn Beck, And Fox

Many companies have pulled their ads from Glenn Beck’s show, but Rupert Murdoch was not concerned as they had simply moved their ads to other shows on Fox. The Independent reports on companies in Great Britain as well as the United States which are boycotting Beck’s show. Today’s report also notes that one company is pulling its ads from all shows on the deceptively named Fox News Channel:

The presenter became embroiled in controversy by accusing Barack Obama of racism and claiming that the US President has a “deep-seated hatred for white people”.

His comments incensed the pressure group Color of Change, which called for advertisers to “exercise corporate responsibility” and boycott his show in Britain as well as in the US. Since his attack on Mr Obama, more than 60 major US companies, including Wal-Mart, Campbell’s soups, Bank of America and Capital One have stopped advertising during Mr Beck’s programme in response to the call.

Waitrose, the John Lewis Partnership-owned grocer, yesterday said it had taken action after receiving complaints from customers, although it declined to say how many.

A Waitrose spokeswoman said: “This is not a politically motivated act. It was simply listening to customers’ views and responding to them.”

Waitrose has withdrawn all advertising from the Fox News Channel with immediate effect and for all future television advertising campaigns.

AP has also reported on this story.

Earlier today Ben Cohen predicted at The Huffington Post that Murdoch will fire Glenn Beck. I’m not terribly optimistic of this, but the chances are greater if advertisers do remove their ads from all Fox shows and not only Beck’s.

GOP Chair Michael Steele Attacks Credibility of AMA on Health Care Reform

Obama Doctors

It must have really frustrated the Republicans to see Barack Obama have a photo op to remind everyone that, unlike in past years, doctors are supporting health care reform. Unlike in past years when organized medicine even opposed the formation of Medicare, the American Medical Association has endorsed the House proposal. Over seven out of ten doctors even support the public option.

If doctors could simply write a prescription to fix the health care system, we’d probably already have Medicare for All and have avoided all the political nonsense this year. Of course there are variations in opinion between doctors, such as seen in the case of the doctor cited in the linked article opposing health care reform due to believing the Republican misinformation claiming Obama would cut Medicare. In reality the proposed cuts are to the subsidies paid to insurance companies in Medicare Advantage plans.

The considerable amount of support for health care reform among physicians has prompted a response from Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele. Speaking on Fox (of course) Steele said, “The AMA is–does not have the credibility on this health care issue, as they would like to project.” This division between physicians and the Republican Party is a welcome change.

Who do you trust on health care issues–doctors or the Republican Party? We report, you decide.

January in Rome


January in Rome–January Jones that is.  She has always had that Grace Kelly look. Oprah’s magazine even took advantage of this for a photo spread on how to get the Grace Kelly look (example above).


This was even more apparent than usual in this week’s episode of Mad Men in which Don and Betty Draper went off to Rome. Who would have guessed that Betty Draper speaks Italian?


There was a notable contrast in the episode between Betty Draper traveling in Rome and her usual life as a housewife–but she still looks far more like Grace Kelly than Donna Reed even at home.


I think January Jones was fortunate to get the role of Betty Draper in the 1960’s. While there’s no question that she looks remarkable in real life as above, Hollywood has a tremendous number of  beautiful aspiring actresses. There is the possibility she might have been lost among them normally, but few, if any, could pull off the Grace Kelly look like she does.

So There Really Is A Use For Twitter

Click on above strip to enlarge.

I found the link this strip via Jonah Goldberg. Perhaps I should have titled this post, “So There really Is A Use For Jonah Goldberg.”