SciFi Weekend: Flash Forward; Lost; V; Dexter; and More Kristen Bell Bikini Pictures


In what was generally a very disappointing week of premiers for new shows, there was one excellent pilot. FlashForward was by far the best pilot I saw.  While the concept is taken from Robert Sawyer’s novel, the actual storyline is entirely new. One significant difference from the concept of the novel is that rather than having everyone on earth flash forward to years in the future, the flash forward in this show takes place to April 29, 2010 at 10pm Pacific Time. This leads to a different type of story, presumably dealing far more with the daily lives of the individuals  involved.

Among the characters whose lives might be changed by seeing six months into the future, Sonya Walger plays Olivia, a doctor and a wife who seems far more likable than the bitchy wife she played on HBO’s Tell Me You Love Me. In Walger’s flash forward she sees that she is intimately involved with a man who is not her current husband. At the end of the first episode is is obvious she will meet the man very soon as she is the father of a child she was treating (and who knew her name, presumably from the child’s  own flash forward).


The presence of Sonya Walger, who also plays Penelope Widmore on Lost, isn’t the only comparison between FlashForward and Lost.  The chaos in the scene after everyone lost consciousness is reminiscent of the chaos after the crash of Oceanic Flight 815 in the pilot of Lost.  While the above screen capture isn’t clear enough to see the details, one scene showed a billboard for Oceanic Airlines in the background which noted their safety record. Is this show taking place in an alternative timeline where the bomb at the end of last year’s final episode of Lost was successful in changing history and the crash did not occur? It created a big enough mystery at the end to see the one person awake in the video from a stadium in Detroit when everyone else was blacked out. Was this person from the Dharma Initiative?

A big question for shows of this nature is whether the producers know where it is going. Too many shows, such as The X-Files, started out by creating a mystery but lacking a clear direction the mythology of the show became confusing and the conclusion was not satisfying. It appears that the producers of FlashForward do have ideas as to an explanation for the events, and hope the show lasts at least three years as it would take two years to do the conclusion as they intend. Marc Guggenheim, one of the producers, said in an interview with SFX magazine (via Io9):

We know what the ultimate season is and the penultimate season is. For in between, we know the various seasons but we are treating it like an accordion. In success, [the show] can go seven years. In less success, it would need to go three years to work. The end game of the show, to be properly done, really requires two full seasons focusing on the end game.

The pilot also included a commercial for the other eagerly awaited science fiction show of the year–the remake of V.  A promo for the show appears above. There have been rumors of production problems with the show for a while, and now Variety reports that they are going to divide the series. The show will go on hiatus after the first four episodes, saving the final nine for later, probably resuming in mid-March. There are claims that this is to avoid competition from American Idol and the Olympics but it would seem like a show has a better chance to succeed without such a hiatus.


Dexter resumes tonight but, as with previous seasons, the first episode of the season has been available on line. I assume they intentionally leak out the first episode every year to create buzz for the show, but I wonder why they don’t simply air the show on demand as opposed to encouraging such down loading. I won’t say anything to spoil tonight’s episode, but it does deal with the complications for Dexter from having a wife and baby. The episodes also ends with a mini-cliff hanger which gets to the question as to whether it is safe for Dexter to pursue his activities.


Dexter’s adversary for the season is The Trinity Killer, played by John Lithgow. The New York Times interviewed both John Lithgow and Michael C. Hall:

Q. John, what was your reaction when you were approached to portray a madman who kills in multiples of three?

MR. LITHGOW I felt like, “Oh, yeah. I know how to play this.” The fascination — which is the fascination of the whole series — is: How can a person outwardly so ordinary, almost bland, have such a baroque and bizarre secret life? I’m usually hired for my blandness. [He laughs.] I love the idea of shocking people. I thought it was high time I did that again.

Q. Here’s your essay question: Compare and contrast your individual serial killer characters.

MR. HALL Well, they’re obviously both saddled with a compulsion. They’re different seeds from very different trees. For Dexter’s part, I think it’s an awareness that Trinity does what he does, and it makes him compelling the way no one has ever been to him — other than perhaps his brother.


With Couple’s Retreat coming out on October 9, the internet is being flooded with pictures of Kristen Bell and Kristin Davis in bikinis and lingerie. While not a bad way to end the summer, this is a waste of Kristen Bell’s talent as seen in Veronica Mars.


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    Bobby Gonzalez says:

    » SciFi Weekend: Flash Forward; Lost; V; Dexter; and More Kristen …: The New York Times interviewed both John..

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    gonzoflotsam says:

    » SciFi Weekend: Flash Forward; Lost; V; Dexter; and More Kristen …: The New York Times interviewed both John..

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    janice gray says:

    » SciFi Weekend: Flash Forward; Lost; V; Dexter; and More Kristen …: With Couple’s Retreat coming out on ..

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    pinknylons says:

    » SciFi Weekend: Flash Forward; Lost; V; Dexter; and More Kristen …: With Couple’s Retreat coming out on ..

  5. 5
    Eclectic Radical says:

    Heh. Marc Guggenheim.
    No wonder it’s similar to Lost. Guggenheim is (or was) one the Bad Robot shop. He’s worked on Alias, Lost, and Fringe. He’s done other things as well, but he’s consistently worked for Abrams on all his tv shows.

  6. 6
    FlashForward says:

    If you missed out on the premiere of FlashForward, I just wanted to let you know you can watch it online before the second episode airs this Thursday at 8pm ET, on ABC.
    You can watch Episode 1 here:
    Also, if you want to connect with other FlashForward fans join the Facebook group to discuss the show and cast:
    Hope you like it!

  7. 7
    Jacob says:

    Sorry, but you’re totally wrong! Marc Guggenheim has worked with Greg Berlanti on several shows, but he has NEVER worked on any of the Bad Robot-shows!

  8. 8
    Eclectic Radical says:

    In this case I have to say that I think iMDB is actually wrong. Guggenheim was pretty regularly credited on Alias and I’ve seen him credited on Lost as well.
    It’s really strange none of that is on iMDB, because that would be a weird thing to misremember that badly. I have no idea what to say.

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