Obama All Over Television

Barack Obama has become the first president to pull off  the “Full Ginsburg.” This is named for Monica Lewinsky’s attorney William Ginsburg who appeared on all five Sunday interview shows. Obama appeared on five today but limited himself to the legitimate news outlets as he substituted Univision for Fox. Here are links to the transcripts of four major interview shows: This WeekMeet the Press, Face the Nation, and State of the Nation.

George Stephanopoulos and others have posted video clips.  FDL highlights portions of the interviews.

Cable viewers might also see the new add from the Democratic National Committee which uses  Obama to promote health care reform (video above).

Monday night Obama becomes the first sitting president to appear on Late Night with David Letterman and will be the only guest for the show. Will the tea-baggers now start their own Fire Dave rallies? Obama had appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last March.

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