Right Wing Uses Video Out Of Context To Attack Obama on Health Care Reform

There’s more nuttiness being pushed by the right wing today as they spliced together a bunch of videos of Obama to   falsely imply there is a contradiction. Obama is shown in the past noting that more money will be needed to pay for health care reform. Obama is also shown in his September 9 speech saying he will not sign a plan that will add money to the deficit.

While I do agree that the Obama administration has been overly optimistic about the initial cost savings from health care reform, the conservatives commenting on this leave out important facts which are missed in their selective quoting from Obama.

The plan is to avoid increasing the deficit not only from cost savings but from various ways to increase revenue. Various ideas have been discussed, including rescinding George Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthy, eliminating the subsidies paid to insurance companies under  George Bush’s Medicare D program, and even implementing John McCain’s idea of some taxes on health benefits. There is no contradiction in saying that health care reform will not increase the deficit and in saying that savings alone will not pay for health care reform.

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