Fixing Health Care in Canada

The Canadian health care system has features which are not supported by advocates of health care reform in the United States, despite the tendency of conservatives to use Canada for scare stories. Canadian physicians are also concerned about some of the problems there and the Canadian Medical Association is discussing reforms to their system.

It is notable that, while there are certainly aspects of the Canadian system which need to be fixed, there is one change which is unthinkable there–adopting the American system. As with most of the industrialized world, they are looking at providing universal coverage with a combination of government and private plans.

I’m sure many conservative bloggers will see any internal criticism of the Canadian system as an argument against health reform, which makes no sense since a system like the Canadian system is not being considered here. It is also notable that, even with its faults, much of the criticism of the Canadian system coming from conservatives is greatly exaggerated and sometimes totally false as recently noted here.

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  1. 1
    A Giant Slor says:

    The right-wing propaganda that we should fear the Canadian health care system reminds me of how North Korea tells its people that life in South Korea is horrible.

  2. 2
    Fritz says:

    With the very important difference that we let people move to Canada.

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