Levi Johnston Cites Marital Problems As Reason For Palin Resignation

In the latest installment in the Palin Place soap opera, Levi Johnston has told Radar Online that he believes that martial problems were behind Palin’s resignation but he does not believe that having affairs was a factor as was recently rumored:

Sarah Palin’s marriage has been in trouble from the beginning, says Levi Johnston, the father of their grandson Tripp and ex-fiance of daughter Bristol.

What’s more Levi told RadarOnline.com in an exclusive video interview that he believes marital problems were behind Palin’s decision to resign as governor of Alaska.

When we asked if the couple had marital problems, Levi responded: “Oh yeah. There have been from day one.”

RadarOnline.com then asked if Levi thought marital problems were the reason she stepped down from political office. Levi answered, “Oh yeah I do.”

He didn’t stop there. He also told RadarOnline.com that he thinks Palin will be chasing an even bigger paycheck now that she’s out of public office and on the speaker circuit.  “She took the money,” he said. “That’s what she’s talked about, that’s what I’m gathering and I think that’s what she’s doing.”

He did add that he did not believe cheating was a factor in Sarah and Todd’s marriage.

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