Going Palin

Forget about Going Galt. Maybe the next fad among Republicans will be Going Palin. Florida Senator Mel Martinez has announced he will step down before the end of his term. Martinez had previously announced he did not plan to run for reelection, but his decision not to complete his term came as a surprise.

The resignation might also make things more difficult for Florida Governor Charlie Crist, who was planning to run for Martinez’s Senate seat at the conclusion of his term. Legally Crist could appoint himself to the seat but there is the risk that this might not look good. Presumably he will appoint a caretaker who wouldn’t be likely to run for the seat.

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison has also announced plans to step down before the end of her term in order to run for Governor of Texas.


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    Kris says:

    Can I suggest some additional search tags for this article? see: SINKING, FLEE, RATS, SHIP .

  2. 2
    hopeful im mich. says:

    I am somewhat disturbed that anyone would want to be associated with anything relating to such an un-intelligent woman. If someone described me as anything that had Palin in it should expect to unleash a beast. “A maverick,” more like an ambitious self centered female with low moral standards, which are parralelled with a double because she was born financially stable. Did i mention she only cares about herself?

  3. 3
    Lori says:

    Sick of Palin, a nothing person with nothing to offer but diatribe.

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    Eclectic Radical says:

    Well, Kris, in the case of Hutchinson, it’s actually a potential good thing. She is stepping down to challenge incumbent GOP governor Rick Perry, he of the secession craze, in the primary. While Hutchinson is certainly on the right of the aisle, she is usually not a gibbering whackjob of the Michelle Bachmann/Virginia Foxx type. Election of a Democrat in Texas right now is not likely, but if Hutchinson were to unseat Perry in the primary it would be an improvement for Texas and the country in many ways. While Hutchinson is a fairly staunch center-right conservative, in a Texas Republican primary she is the ‘Rockefeller Republican’ challenger. 😉
    Martinez, from everything I’ve read, does not like the notion of being a lame duck. Some of his votes and speeches have been more centrist, since announcing he wouldn’t run for re-election, than his GOP colleagues would like. Especially on the Sotomayor issue. It is very likely he wants to get away from them fast, like Specter did in jumping parties.

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