Housekeeping Note: Problem With Internet Explorer

It appears that an upgrade to WordPress is causing Internet Explorer to show the current theme incorrectly. I will probably have to change themes to continue compatibility with IE but might not have time to do this until tonight or tomorrow.

If you are having difficulty viewing the blog in Internet Explorer you might try out Firefox which can be downloaded for free from here.

Update: I found a theme I had tried in the past which at very quick testing seems to work. I’ll use this temporarily until I see if the usual theme can be fixed or I have time to look at other themes.

Update II: I’ve tried a few more themes. This one looks the most promising so far but I’ll probably still try some more. I will still need to make some adjustments to the sidebars if I keep it.

Update III: The last theme, as well as the others I liked the look of, wound up having some technical problems. I’ve thrown up another one temporarily which at least I haven’t found any serious problems with.

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