Palin Threatens Media If Reports On Possible Embezzlement Charges

Sarah Palin has never been a supporter of freedom of expression, thinking that the First Amendment was designed to protect her from criticism by the media. She also does not understand how to conduct damage control. Just when things seemed weird enough with her announcement that she is resigning, Palin made another blunder in response to the rumors that the resignation was motivated by rumored embezzlement charges.

Palin’s attorney has threatened to sue the press if they publish the “defamatory” stories that she might be facing embezzlement charges related to the building of a sports complex in Wasilla. The threat, contained in a four page letter, presented the controversy over the funding of the sports complex from her perspective. This guarantees that, if they hadn’t already, the media will see this as a story. Presenting her side of the case also increases the chances that publications will scrutinize her claims for any discrepancies.

The Los Angeles Times reports that the FBI’s Alaska spokesman has stated that Palin is not under investigation by the agency. This does not address rumored IRS investigations or the possibility that Palin resigned from office to prevent impeachment on ethics charges. With the large number of questions as to her ethical conduct in office and the irrational manner of her resignation, Palin is living in a different universe if she does not realize that her resignation will be taken by many as evidence of her guilt and as an attempt to limit further scandals.

There is no word as to whether Sarah Palin will be taking any legal action against  David Letterman or many other late night comedians who have mocked her over the past several months.

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  1. 1
    Leslie Parsley says:

    I just wrote the same thing citing an interesting article from CBS. I commented that I hope she isn’t physically ill but that I question her mental health. Narcissistic, paranoid, a sense of entitlement, and a regular diva.

    I didn’t even think to speculate about all the comments that have been made about Palin by late night comedians. Good point. I wonder what the total count is for all the jokes told at her expense.

    Either she needs serious psychiatric treatment or she’s pregnant again and is having a hard time deciding whether to terminate or stay home and be a real mommy – for a change. Or, which seems more likely, she’s about to get the book thrown at her.

    Oh, McCain says Palin is going to help the Republican Party.
    Wonders never cease.

  2. 2
    Leslie Parsley says:

    And one more thing . . . .  :  )) I can’t help but wonder what this crazy lady would do if the media suddenly decided to stop covering her altogether.

  3. 3
    NatetheGrate says:

    Looks to me like she’s planning to run for president in the next election and wants more time to raise money for her campaign. I’m sure she loved the attention and the free clothes … a politician’s aphrodesiac.

  4. 4
    Chance says:

    Or she could be informing the media that if the publish false allegations with the intent of harming her career (in other words what is known as “slander”) she will sue them.  The media would surely never engage in slanderous activities against a woman just because of her political views but she is probably just taking precautions just in case.

  5. 5
    Mr. Jeffersonian says:

    This woman’s 15 minutes were up a long time ago. If she had any dignity she fade off into obscurity altogether instead of turning conservatism into a joke and the GOP into a Carnival sideshow, Oh gee I guest the Palin team is going to file a complaint against me too.

  6. 6
    Ron Chusid says:


    The criticism of Palin which makes the media is not based upon her views. There are plenty of conservatives who are not tied to scandals as Palin is. There is also reporting of scandals among Democrats when there is evidence of this. Conservatives love to play the victim, believing there is a liberal-dominated media out to get them.

    Palin is in public life and has a history of clear ethics violations. Reporting on this is legitimate by the news media. Even if she is innocent on this specific embezzlement charge there is reason for suspicion, especially considering her history, making this a legitimate topic for the media. An action such as this makes her look guilty, and even if innocent is counterproductive as the letter itself turns this into a news story.

  7. 7
    Ron Chusid says:

    Mr. Jeffersonian,

    The problem is that the concept of 15 minutes of fame doesn’t really apply to her. She has a strong base of support to keep her in the news, even if too small to make her a viable national candidate. She has done an excellent job of keeping her name in the news, even if it has often been due to getting involved in petty feuds or whining about mistreatment.

    She is not likely to fade off into obscurity. I’m sure she will get lots of high paying jobs, including high profile positions in the media.

  8. 8
    nomoreGOP says:

    “She is not likely to fade off into obscurity. I’m sure she will get lots of high paying jobs, including high profile positions in the media.”

    As much as I have voiced my “concerns” over Ms. palin and her questionable views on.. well pretty much everything.. I really couldn’t agree more, Ron.. As sad and pathetic as it is, no matter how you slice it for the Palin’s, they are set for life.. Period.. I dont think that she is dumb enough to resign due to an upcoming scandal, then threaten to sue if a scandal is talked about.. Personally I think it is all about the money.. She got a taste of the rich life and thought, hmm.. I can live like this.. Plain and simple.. So now she can do the book, get paid for all her appearances and laugh all the way to the bank..

    If NOTHING else, she will always have a spot on Faux news attacking the liberal media and how mean they are..

  9. 9
    Julie says:

    I think it’s funny how people just keep on talking about Sarah Palin…how stupid she is, how useless she is, how she doesn’t have a political prayer. If she really was that big of a loser, wouldn’t she be yesterday’s news? Why keep giving her the headlines, if she’s not worth the paper they are written on? If she really is not a threat to liberal views, why not ignore her? If she continues to be covered by the news media, isn’t she getting what she wants? If she really is no one to worry about politically, why continue to bash her…why not ignore her pathetic attempts to stay in the lime light?

  10. 10
    Ron Chusid says:

    When she does something such as resigning this is news and worthy of posting about.

  11. 11
    Fritz says:

    Apparently SEIU is trying the same tactic to suppress debate.

  12. 12
    Ron Chusid says:

    It would be amusing if they tried to prevent George McGovern’s ad opposing card check from airing.

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