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jenny sanford

We often see cases of poorly handled damage control which makes the situation worse. Mark Sanford provides just the latest example. On the other hand, his wife Jenny Sanford is doing an excellent job of enhancing her own reputation despite all the publicity. Perhaps that’s why some say she was “the real brains behind the operation.”

Whenever I’ve seen a television news report on her she has been quoted talking about caring for her children. Presumably this is sincere, but regardless it is the perfect answer under the circumstances. Otherwise she avoids getting into the dirt. She did manage to get out one piece of information which protects her from any potential criticism that she should be standing behind her man:

Through a spokeswoman, Mrs. Sanford declined requests to be interviewed for this article, but told The Associated Press she learned of her husband’s affair early this year when she found a letter he had written. She told him to end the relationship, but he repeatedly asked permission to visit the woman in Argentina in the months that followed.

“I said absolutely not,” Mrs. Sanford told The A.P. “It’s one thing to forgive adultery. It’s another to condone it.”

Then, last week, when the governor told her he needed time alone to write, she had specifically warned him not to see his mistress. She said she was devastated when he went to meet her in Argentina.

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  1. 1
    Christoher Skyi says:

    “She told him to end the relationship, but he repeatedly asked permission to visit the woman in Argentina in the months that followed.”
    Either he was a fool or he thought she was.
    As for Jenny, we’ll have to see how it all plays out, but even before I read the NYTimes article, I suspected that she’s a LOT smarter and more of a survivor than her dufus husband is — I’m even more convinced of it now.
    She doesn’t give a damn about his career (good for her!) and I’m wondering what else she’s stop giving a damn about as time goes on.
    For my money, the marriage is now sunk cost and the best thing she can do is cut her loses and move on.  “Makeout” Marky Mark Sanford is, and should be, out on his own, where he can learn to grow up.

  2. 2
    Christoher Skyi says:

    Ashamed of my species: Elloit “spooge” Spitzer, “Makeout” Marky Mark Sanford, Johnny “Rod Hunter” Edwards — I hate these dufuses!

  3. 3
    Leslie Parsley says:

    I think I remember reading that she has the money, so the only loses she has to cut are his campaign and “travel” expenses.

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