Palin Blasts Blog For “Malicious” Photo


After the David Letterman controversy you would think that everyone would just stay away from anything remotely related to Sarah Palin’s kids. Palin is now blasting a blog which placed the face of Eddie Burke, an Alaska talk show host, on Trig’s body in a picture in which Sarah is holding Trig.

This is clearly making fun of Burke and Sarah Palin, but it was easy to predict Palin would take advantge of this to get  coverage and sympathy. There’s  no reason to give Palin such an opportunity by doing anything which can plausibly be seen as involving her kids. I imagina the PUMAs will soon be on the attack over this.


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    nomoreGOP says:

    I can’t believe how much I hate this woman.. I mean for never even meeting her, I absolutely dispise EVERYTHING about her. It is pretty sad that someone with her world view, lack of education and lack of basic rational thinking is in a position of power.

  2. 2
    Matt says:

    LOL.. Now this one is funny… Definetely tops David Letterman… And don’t be palin haters, that is what she wants… She actually wants you to hate her… Hate will win her an election… Just laugh at her and her outrage… She is entertaining us don’t you all think… Ignoring her is the best solution… Do not give her the satisfaction of news or write ups… That will only keep her in the public eye like that idiot Rush…

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    James says:

    I have a special needs child. Let’s just say I have a different perspective. If I have a picture of me and my son…and someone messes with it to make a “statement”. I will make one of my own if I ever get my hands around that person’s throat. And yes…I’m conservative and in the military.

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    Oingo says:

    Palin will do whatever she can to get media coverage. I’m sure some of these things done to antagonize her actually make her mad, but whose to say she wont take advantage of that? She’s just making an ass of herself by getting so upset by people making fun of her. She’s giving the media more reason to make fun of her. What a dumb ****

  5. 5
    Oingo says:

    and what kind of woman actually names their child Trig?! I guess now I know WHO he gets his down syndrome from.

  6. 6
    Ron Chusid says:

    James’s comment is why there is no reason to do things like this. Sure it hardly applies–you can’t compare how a private individual would react to someone with a life as public as Palin’s. Still this has the potential to make some people such as James angry, along with giving Palin a shot at more publicity, without providing any real benefit.

  7. 7
    Carole S. says:

    Amazing, so much name calling and haters on here. If someone did this to Obama (like the monkey thing) you guys would be freaking out. Is nothing sacred these days? Usually people hate what they don’t understand, like homophobes, Religeon-haters and such. I had heard that the liberal media and their followers were hypocrites and cried ‘tolerance!’ and ‘accept everyone!’, but now I have seen it for myself amongst my people, wow.

  8. 8
    Best Wishes says:

    Palin should take it easy.


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  9. 9
    Doug504 says:

    If Palin had been President  we would have gone to war in Iraq because Hussein made a joke about her kids.

  10. 10
    Ron Chusid says:


    While it is debatable whether the hatred is excessive, there is no hypocrisy shown in these responses. No liberals promote “tolerance” of the views of people like Palin which are so contrary to the values this country was founded on. No liberals promote “tolerance” of potential government leaders like Palin who show so little understanding of the issues.

  11. 11
    Alicynx says:

    “desecration”?! Is her family’s image now somehow sacred? By putting another’s face on her child, the author isn’t making fun of that child in any way – it would be the same if he did not have Down’s Syndrome, or if he had a cleft pallette, or absolutely nothing out of the ordinary. Again, a matter of convenience.
    When a mother exploits her children in imagery to gain popularity and votes, she exposes them to criticism. If you don’t want anyone to doctor a photo of your kids, don’t hold them up in front of the cameras. The image wasn’t racist, sexist, or discriminatory in any way – it was a clean parody, no hatred directed at a child. Find something else to get all flustered about, seriously.

  12. 12
    nomoreGOP says:

    James –
    You are making the same crucial mistake that everyone else is making by ignoring the real story here.. There was NOTHING about this picture that was aimed towards any of her children… Period.
    While I will agree that this blogger probably could of found a better picture to photoshop in order to get her point across, that doesn’t change the fact that she did it to make a specific point about Sarah’s relationship with the radio talk show host and thats it..
    Carole –
    Ignoring the fact that you are comparing an obvious racist comment directed towards the First Lady, to this photoshopped picture that was NOT directed towards the baby, this really has nothing to do with how “we” are acting, but more of how Sarah Palin is reacting..
    If someone wants to put a picture of [insert name] over one of President Obama’s children in order to make a point about Obamas relationship with this person, more power to them.. Honestly, who cares? I am smart enough to look at it for what it is, political satire..
    But embellishing the story to such a degree that people like James (above)  get angry and actually believe something that just plain didn’t happen is where I draw the line..
    I mean look at the absolutely ridiculous statement Palin’s spokesperson said about this.. Calling it a “malicious desecration” is absolutely hilarious.. Correct me if I am wrong.. But I am pretty sure there was nothing involved in this story that could be desecrated, even if that was the point, which it wasn’t… I mean come on..
    And then to bring Obama into it, saying that he should speak out against such behavior.. What behavior exactly? Using her First Amendment right to freedom of speech? Oh wait.. According to Sarah Palin, the first amendment was created to protect her from people saying mean things about her.. I forgot..
    As always, this is just a political stunt to keep herself in the spotlight.. What a sad and pathetic woman..

  13. 13
    Doc says:

    This is virtually parallel to the Letterman incident. Anyone who had the intellect and the 60 seconds to listen to the joke / snippet woudl recognize the fact that the joke was ridiculing Alex Rodriguez, not Sarah Palin or either daughter. Granted, those not in NY, particularly interested in baseball, or prone to read the tabloid cover while on the grocery line might not kow that A-Rod had built a fairly randy reputation. But Palin turned that into an insensitive accusation of child rape. How, exactly , did that transposition occur?
    An interesting point has been made that this all can be construed as a subtle attempt to set the ground ules for a 2012 campaign. For the next 4 years, each time Palin is criticized or ridiculed, she will trot out the faux moral outrage, until her critics  are silenced – either by fear or by frustration. Eithr way, she misdirects the criticism. My question is not about the Photoshopping. Rather, it is about the validity of the claim that she is so close ot this talk show host. Is that true? Does either benefit unfairly? Does one influence the other? That is what I want to know. But that is lost under all the comtempt for abusing her special needs child.

  14. 14
    Ron Chusid says:

    I’m not sure about the underlying issue either. When the story broke I tried to go to the web site which made the photoshopped image, hoping to get more background on why they did this. I could not reach the site at the time. I bet it was overwhelmed with traffic.

    The Letterman incident and now this are just two examples. Palin seems to constantly be feuding with someone. Either it is a lame attempt to remain in the news or a character defect.

  15. 15
    Christoher Skyi says:

    “Still this has the potential to make some people such as James angry, along with giving Palin a shot at more publicity, without providing any real benefit.”
    Is this Celtic Diva some kind of idiot?  Her defense (the doctored picture was intended to make fun of Burke, not Trig Palin) is disingenuous — or she’s a moron. How did she think Palin was going to react?  The baby used in the picture is HER baby, a child with Downs Syndrome?
    Also, this:
    Earlier this month Biegel filed an ethics complaint against Palin for wearing a jacket made by a company that sponsored her husband — a snow mobile racer — to a public event. An investigator ruled Palin had not acted wrongly and the Alaska governor accused Biegel “asinine political grandstanding.”
    If Celtic Diva has children, she should thankful that her children do not have to face the challenges of baby Trig, or that she doesn’t face Palin’s challenges  in raising this child.
    I don’t like Palin’s politics either, but I’ll tell you — you have to be pretty strong to withstand the bullying she’s getting (and I really HATE bullies).
    OK — this is low-brow white trash  mean-spiritedness, it’s petty, and I believe it was targeted and designed to hurt Palin, nothing more, and there’s absolutely nothing admirable here, nothing.  Too many liberals are starting to look like real life example of mean girls when it comes to Palin. I haven’t heard one serious informed comment on anything she’s said or done.
    I side with Palin here — this was a personal attack, nothing more.   It’s like too many liberals are stalking this woman now — and she’s in Alaska, she’s just a governor (and she’s doing better with her state than A.S. is with CA): what’s the big obsession liberals have with Palin anyway?
    Wait till she makes serious moves to play a role in national political life and then start to worry.

  16. 16
    Christoher Skyi says:

    I’m not taking sides with Palin’s politics, but I’m definitely taking sides with Palin as a person, as a human being, and I just do see how see how she (or anyone, frankly) deserves this.

  17. 17
    Ron Chusid says:

    “I haven’t heard one serious informed comment on anything she’s said or done.”

    I’ve had multiple posts on both what Palin has said and what she has done. Others have done the same. In the comments here people are talking about this incident, so I wouldn’t expect to see comments on her actual views and record considering how often this has been discussed.

  18. 18
    Fletcher says:

    Both of these jokes may have been in poor taste but Palin has elevated them to “descretion” and near criminal acts and made Obama complicit in the process. She is the one who is giving legs and continued exposure to these incidents and making sure the spin is towards her children She  and her supporters are exploiting her children by distorting these incidents and by continually promoting them. Palin made the joke and the picture national news. Thanks Mom!

  19. 19
    Christoher Skyi says:

    Sorry — I wasn’t talkng about you, but these incidences are tabloid stuff now, and they’re personal attacks on her.
    I didn’t like it, at all, how the neo-cons somehow turns Kerry’s Vietnam record upside down and against. That a was character attack that had nothing to do wiht his political positions on issues. I see no difference here, though what they did to Kerry was 100s of time worse that what some are doing to Palin.
    Finally, you said “Palin seems to constantly be feuding with someone. Either it is a lame attempt to remain in the news or a character defect.”
    Well, in the case of DL and the Celtic Diva, they started it, not Palin. Palin simply answered them.  Kerry, I thought at the time, was being too nice and too cool about it all, at least at first: he should have come out swinging fast and hard immediately.  Palin might be taking it all too hard, but her response is what most people would do in her shoes (or heels) . . .

  20. 20
    Ron Chusid says:


    The Letterman and blog pics are only two of many feuds Palin has engaged in. While Letterman made the joke first, Palin took advantage of it. She spread the claims it was about Willow when the joke made absolutely no sense unless it was about Bristol. She also kept it going after Letterman first apologized (accepting the second apology most likely as by then she would have looked more ridiculous by keeping it going).

    The Letterman joke was also milder than many other jokes told about her and Bristol. She could have ignored this as she ignored all the other ones unless she had a political reason to make noise on this one.

    While the photoshopped pic was started by someone else, it was just a blog. Blogs have nasty things about politicians all the time, and politicians generally ignore them. There’s something about Palin that she turns everything into a high profile battle such as this for the sake of publicity (or perhaps because she’s nuts.)

  21. 21
    Ron Chusid says:

    That’s not to say that it was wise for the blogger to go after Palin in this manner after the Letterman incident. Anything which involves her children (even when the child is clearly not the target) can play into Palin’s hand. There’s plenty of ground to go after Palin on her views, her record, and her public statements without needing to do anything which remotely involves her children at this point.

  22. 22
    nomoreGOP says:

    “Either it is a lame attempt to remain in the news or a character defect.”
    But wait… don’t you actually have to have character first? Just sayin..

  23. 23
    Realhockeymom says:

    James, as the mother of a tri-46 son who lived a scant 3 weeks due to his heart defect, I can understand your dilemma. However, Celtic Diva’s photo was in no way descriptive of a special needs child. It was a comment on the symbiotic, and almost parasitic, relationship that exists between Gov. Palin and Mr. Eddie Burke, a right wing, wanna-be-Limbaugh radio-journalist. In this case, it’s hard to tell who is the “host” and who is the “parasite”, as they appear to feed off each other.
    That aside, it seems as though Gov. Palin shows childish and naricissistic traits when dealing with a bit of political satire. 2010 will see her demise on the Alaska political scene, and, hopefully, 2012 will put the nails in her coffin on the national one. It can’t come too soon.

  24. 24
    edward says:

    I don’t think the picture was disrespectful of the child, his condition or his relationship with his mother.
    It was clever, in that is used an image that Sarah HERSELF released for publicity purposes to show a perceived relationship between her and a conservative radio host. It was a political comment, hardly a “desecration” of a baby picture.
    If Sarah hadn’t released the photo in the first place, she would not have given her critics ammunition.
    Or did the blogger sneak into the governor’s mansion and grab the photo from Sarah’s desk?

  25. 25
    shstl says:

    Perhaps those who are outraged by this photo should read Palin’s press release in response to it. I did, and it seemed glaringly obvious to me that she was more interested in pandering for “special needs” votes than in defending her child.

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