What a Bore (Jon and Kate Take A Break)


With promises of a major announcement, I sat through an entire episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8 for the first time on Monday. What a bore. Is this a “reality show” or a product placement scheme? If a highly hyped episode in which their divorce was announced managed to be this boring, I can’t imagine watching a regular episode.

I imagine if the two couldn’t even manage to talk to each other to agree on the location of play houses for the kids then the two of them probably shouldn’t be together.

Update: They purchased four custom crooked playhouses. Their custom playhouses usually start at $5000 each! If anyone wants a reality show about a normal couple raising eight kids, this is not the show to watch. (In this case I don’t know how much was paid for the product placement and what, if anything, they cost Jon and Kate.)

Update 2: Last night’s episode had the show’s highest ratings ever with 10.6 million viewing–a remarkable number for such a cable show. This beat all the shows on broadcast television. Just like Jon and Kate, the show is taking a break and there won’t be a new episode until August 3. This will give them time to figure out how to do the show despite Jon and Kate barely speaking to each other. Next week there will be a clip show, which you couldn’t pay me enough to sit through.

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