Reader’s Digest Moves Further To Right

Reader’s Digest has always been a fairly conservative magazine but did have enough general interest material to make it worth putting out in the waiting room. I might not be renewing it next year. The publishers, not sure what to do with a magazine in an era when such magazines have little use other than giving people something to steal from my waiting room, have decided to move it in an even more conservative direction.

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    Mike b.t.r.m. says:

    Even before I was “into politics” I could see the right wing slant of the Reader’s Digest. That point being made, can I share a funny story I read in “Humor in Uniform” from many years back? Captain has his jeep stuck in the mud during a “War Games” exercise. He asks some soldiers sitting around to help him. They refuse because “in the game” they are “dead”. So the captain tells his driver: “Get some of those dead bodies over there and put them under the wheels for traction.” The soldiers decide then to help the captain.

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    cognitive dissident says:

    DailyFinance quotes from an internal RD memo claiming that the shift in direction was “misinterpreted” in the article. (Whatever…they’ve been too conservative for me ever since they published Whittaker Chambers’ Witness.)

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    Mr. Jeffersonian says:

    “Even More Conservative direction”? Who do they hope to bring in Varg Vierkines?

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