Anti-Letterman Demonstration Reveals Insanity Of Protesters

Jonah Green captured the above video of the estimated 15 to 50 right wing lunatics who showed up to protest against David Letterman. (Hat tip to Danny Shea). The video shows they are misinformed, believing all the smears spread by the right wing about David Letterman, along with many other beliefs of the extreme right. One says Letterman “rapes children with his mouth.” They also expressed opposition to socialism, which is hardly relevant to this issue, and were split as to praising Fox News or Jay Leno. They are clearly unaware of the fact that Leno, along with the other late night comedians, have told far more jokes about Bristol Palin than Letterman has–with many of the other jokes being far worse.

Besides opposing socialism and supporting Leno, another common response of protesters was to make a false equivalency between the Palin situation and Letterman’s. They hardly appear to be taking the high moral ground with their own personal attacks, especially after Letterman has apologized twice and agrees he should not have included jokes about Bristol Palin. There is hardly a comparison between a teenager getting pregnant and soon breaking up with the father and adults who have the means to raise a child getting married after the birth of their child.The Palins have also made a target of Bristol by having her speak at public events on her pregnancy and teen pregnancy.

This line of attack won’t work any better than Dan Quayle’s attacks on the fictional Murphy Brown for being an unwed mother. Do Palin supporters really want to have yet one more similarity between Dan Quayle and Sarah Palin to be discussed? It is already bad enough for Palin that she came out of this matter being described as not intelligent enough to be president if she didn’t understand that the joke only makes sense about Bristol as opposed to Willow, along with once again appearing to have a thin skin and intolerant of criticism.


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    Christoher Skyi says:

    “estimated 15 to 50 right wing lunatics”
    Well, as far as NYC right wing lunatics, or any flavor of  NYC lunatics go, this bunch was pretty mild 🙂
    While I don’t consider this guy a lunatic, at all, he set’s the standard for NYC protests. The vide is about 7 minutes — about half way though, the NYPD show up, and — they’re surprisingly gentle with the guy.

  2. 2
    Leslie Parsley says:

    Interesting and sort of alarming. Angry, angry people with not much going 0n in their heads.  The Jewish lady (God forgive her) looks like a she-male pit bull. Wonder if her parents lived though the Holocost and if they immigrated here. Somebody must have come over on the boat or she wouldn’t be here. The other “ladies” would probably scare 0ff the pit bulls. All of that crowd should do their homework – if they can read.

  3. 3
    Ron Chusid says:

    I would think that gathering this few people to protest anything around Times Square would be pretty easy, making the small number a real surprise. Knowing how crowded the area is, I can also understand why it would be difficult to determine who is in the protest (if not carrying signs or speaking) and who is just a bystander.

  4. 4
    Mr. Jeffersonian says:

    I swear these people must be suffering from mental illness. I’m not being partisan either, I really think they’re mentally ill. If this is what Palin has to offer then she’s the one who needs to apologize for turning the GOP into a sideshow exhibit and conservatism into a joke.

  5. 5
    Mr. Condiddily says:

    I would have to agree with many of the above comments.  These people are ignorant in such a scary way.  They are mentally ill and represent the same fanatacism as other fundamentalist groups like the Taliban.

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