The 15 Hottest Conservative Women


First Playboy ran what I called the Playboy Guide to Raping Conservative Women. Right Wing News followed with their list of the ten hottest liberal women (by their classification), leaving out the more repulsive components of the Playboy entry. Today Right Wing News has followed up with The 15 Hottest Conservative Women in The New Media. Congratulations to all who were selected. We should all respect them for their intellect and dedication to their cause, even if we do not agree with their views.

Lacking any real reason to pick one over another I selected the picture of Tabitha Hale for this post since she did link to my earlier post.

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Republicans Will Never Let Facts Get In The Way Of Their Talking Points


“Well, obviously. So, they intervene last fall in the bank crisis. No one has ever done it on that scale before. Now the automobile crisis.”

— Senator Richard Shelby (R-AL), claiming on Fox  (video above) that the Obama administration “is taking us down the road to socialism.”  He is a bit off as to when the government intervened in the bank crisis, which party was in power, and when Obama took office. Besides this major error, you know that a Republican Senator doesn’t know what he is resorting to using the same right wing talking points about socialism as Sean Hannity and Sarah Palin.

If massive government intervention in the auto industry is evidence of socialism then we better look back at Ronald Reagan.  More reality checks here and here. I’ve also noted recently how poor a source Sarah Palin is in talking about socialism and economics here.