Now Terrorism Against Topless Coffee Shop


What a sad week. We’ve seen right wing terrorism with the murder of an abortion doctor. We’ve had a case of Islamic terrorism with the murder at an Arkansas army recruiting station. Now an arsonist has burned down the Grand View Topless Coffee Shop in Vassalboro, Maine. The coffee shop had received national media coverage for having coffee served by topless waiters and waitresses.

I hope that they manage to rebuild and get this business back up and running. It might not be an appropriate time for joking about the coffee shop, but I can’t resist a comment from a post I had planned but never completed when the coffee shop previously made the news. I had been hoping for an R-rated  east coast remake of Twin Peaks. Imagine Special Agent Dale Cooper remarking on the “Damn good cup of coffee and damn good…”

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    Fritz says:

    If they have a donation site, I would throw them a few bucks.

  2. 2
    Samuel says:

    The action of the arsonist is absolutely unwarrented. It’s one thing to get a petition or a rally going but to destroy the lives of five people when nobody was getting hurt except one person’s view of morality..for shame. I talk more about this and what it means on my blog:

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