The 10 Hottest Liberal Women


Earlier today I noted that Playboy had a really vile article on line on conservative women. At Right Wing News John Hawkins has responded with his list of the 10 Hottest Liberal Women, avoiding the factors which made the earlier Playboy piece so disgusting.

While the list avoided being offensive as Playboywas, Hawkins did once again demonstrate what we know about the conservative movement. If you criticize their most extremist views, no matter how otherwise conservative you are, they will call you a liberal. Therefore Meghan McCain made the list at number five. I’ve noted the conflict between McCain and other conservatives in posts including here.

Apparently someone forgot to tell Meghan McCain that she’s now a liberal before she decided to pick a fight with Steve Benen. Actually I think that Meghan misunderstood what Steve was saying, but you can check out the link if interested in finding out more about this little blog war.

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    Tom Hilton says:

    And #1 is Kristen Powers, a classic “Fox (i.e., faux) Democrat”, someone they bring on to attack liberals.  The tipoff is that Hawkins finds her “reasonable”. 

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    Eclectic Radical says:

    Every time I see John Hawkins’ name on the internet I have a powerful urge to email him and ask him if he spends his summers in the Caribbean attacking Spanish vessels with his nephew Frank. I resist the urge every time, fortunately.
    More seriously, it’s amusing to see moderates and fiscal conservatives cast as liberals by the hard right. Moderates and fiscal conservatives are the people who did more to make ‘liberal’ a dirty word than even Ronald Reagan and proudly declared the era of Big Government to be over before the ‘conservatives’ began it again.

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