Obama Animatronic Prepared For Disney World Hall of Presidents


Election day often means that Wald Disney World must update the Hall of Presidents with an animatronic of the newly elected president. The animatronic of Barack Obama has been completed and will first be displayed on July 4. In recent years I have seen Abraham Lincoln speak along with Bill Clinton and later George Bush. The new exhibit will also include speaking by George Washington for the first time and includes a new film narrated by Morgan Freeman.

The previous show, where the George Bush animatronic spoke, shut down after election day. The animatronic turned out to be more intelligent than the original. In light of  recent gaffes by Vice President Joe Biden, along with the experience of a previous vice president who had turned to the dark side, perhaps we should amend the  Constitution to make the Disney animatronic next in line to succeed the president.

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