Star Trek Comics Explain Nero’s Past

Before the Star Trek movie was released there was a set of comics which let into the events of the movie. I checked out the comics and found that they do clear up one of my questions about the movie–why a mining ship, even if from the future, would be so much more powerful than Federation Star Ships. After the destruction of Romulus, Nero found a secret Romulan military facility. Advanced weapons systems using retrofitted Borg technology was added to his mining ship as one of the last remaining Romulan ships so he could avenge the destruction of Romulus.

The comic also revealed why Nero didn’t look like the typical Romulan. He actually did until he shaved and painted his head following the destruction of Romulus. There was a Romulan tradition of painting one’s head with ancient symbols of love and loss during times of mourning.

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    abdullopez says:

    Jace Hall has brought together some of the greats from past Star Trek on It’s definitely worth a look.

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