Obama Cuts Wasteful Government Spending–Stops Funding For Abstinence Based Education

After years of wasteful government spending by the Bush administration on a government program which does not work, Obama is returning some fiscal sanity to Washington. Ed Brayton points out that Obama has eliminated funding for abstinence-based education from the 2010 budget. We are behind the British government on this, as they labeled abstinence-based education a myth back in 2006.

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    Dave Farley says:

    Much of the Public is really getting smears from the media at large. Lets face it that abstinence programs failed and they had no right to be a part of the public school system. They have a place in Christian schools and Sunday School classes around the country. I think the majority of America is pleased that this is a waste of taxpayers money. Likewise I think that funding abortions for a public health care plan should stay out of the bill. I think anything that legislates morality or crosses some moral dilemmas should be left alone at the federal level. Bush wasted billions on military spending and already the White blue color independents in America are the ones who are losing hope the quickest. I got news for you guys: Obama has been in the White house for 6 months; Bush was in power for 8 years. Patience is a virtue and too many people are not patient. Obama is doing the best job any leader in America could do in this difficult time.

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