Steele Unable To Stop RNC From Adopting Ridiculous Plan

A few weeks ago I noted a plan by fanatics controlling the Republican National Committee to attempt to rebrand the Democratic Party as the Democrat Socialist Party. Roger Simon reports they are going through with this ridiculous plan. The same three problems I noted previously still apply:

  1. The Republican Party has no say over what the Democratic Party is named, even though they have not gotten the name right for years with their mistaken idea that they are being clever by calling it the Democrat as opposed to the Democratic Party.
  2. The Democratic Party does not support socialism. Besides, the Republicans have no business positioning themselves as supporters of the free market. As libertarian Will Wilkinson has pointed out, “the great success of the GOP over the last eight years has been to destroy the reputation of free markets and limited government by deploying its rhetoric and then doing the opposite.”
  3. The more Republicans claim that Democrats are socialists and attack socialists, the more American voters start thinking that socialism is something desirable, as a recent poll has demonstrated.

Somehow they think that by changing what they call the Democratic Party they will change people’s attitudes about the party. In reality this will only act to further remind people how out of touch with reality the Republicans have become.

The amazing things is that suddenly Michael Steele almost looks like the voice of reason within the Republican Party compared to RNC members in opposing this plan. Steele says that this plan “will accomplish little than to give the media and our opponents the opportunity to mischaracterize Republicans.”