Star Trek Initial Comments


I had hoped to get a review up on the new Star Trek movie but haven’t had a chance yet. We left the office just in time for the last showing last night (with a quick trip home to change and feed the dogs), got home too late to do much of anything last night,  and haven’t had any free time yet today.

For the benefit of those who are deciding upon what to do for the weekend, definitely go see the movie. Star Trek fans will love it, especially after such a long period without any Star Trek on television. JJ Abrams managed to reboot the series without seriously violating canon, although I have mixed feelings about how this was done. It does capture the feeling of Star Trek, but I’ll also include my nitpicks for the hard core Star Trek fans in my review. (Even if you are going to object to what was done, it was fun to watch and you will need to see the movie to be able to complain about it).  As the movie does reboot the series it is also possible for new viewers to enjoy it without knowing anything about Star Trek.