Being Karl Rove Means Never Having To Say You’re Sorry

One of the successes of Obama’s first one hundred days has been to start repairing some of the damage done to our reputation due to the policies of the Bush administration. Karl Rove offers us a reminder of why he and his boss had to go to restore the integrity of our government. Rove spins Obama’s European trip as The President’s Apology Tour.

We can be certain that those who really owe America and the world an apology, i.e. Rove and the president he worked for, will never make any apologies. Rove’s op-ed shows once again that he does not understand either what was wrong with the way his party governed or why his party is rapidly turning into a regional party which will have a difficult time winning a national election. Fortunately, thanks in part to Barack Obama, the rest of the world no longer blames the United States for the misconduct of the Bush administration.

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